DEA - Most Wanted mod released !

Thales100 finally released the long waited DEA - Most Wanted mod, check some features :

- Multiple zodiac, blackhawk, car and mini sub insertions and extractions
- Six brand new and hard missions that you can play MP Coop (strongly recommended) or SP
- One bonus SP mission ("Master Key")
- New classes of soldiers for MP and SP
- New weapon models to the players and opfor
- New custom firing sounds and sound effects
- Real life ballistics
- Colored kit icons
- Digital Tiger Stripe Hyper Stealth camo
- New characters
- 25 minutes time limit and "no team casualties" as objectives to all missions
- Coop tourney tool included - get you score after the end of each mission based on the time you took to complete it - the faster the better !

Please check more info and download link here.

Woody2000 - Mon 18 Aug 2008 - 01:18:18
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