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ReconLog V3.4.0.4
Forfatter A Ritey[WTF]
Beskrivelse ReconLog V3.4.0.4

IP logger/player management/replay saver for GhostRecon v1.4 that
runs in the system tray.

This version is a complete change from the previous versions in the
way it logs players and enforces bans. Consider this update a security

o Log Joining Players names with thier Host names and IP Addresses.
o Log all IP connecting to GR port. This is to track down hackers.
o Server can be run in eternal mode (IE: restarts on crash).
o Remote HTTP Access to Logger Features. (Protected By Username/Password)
o Banned IPs are ABSOLUTELY banned from connecting to the game.
o Kick/Ban/ICMP Ping Players at any time in the game.
o Option to make Open Server (IE: any password can enter gr server
editor screen.
o Option to block gr admin kicks / bans.
o Change Mod Settings
o Auto Archive Replays and Missionstats (make sure that gr options set to record games)
o Compresses Archived Replays and stats file using PKZIP.
o Zip files name according to time/map.
o Edit ban.txt via HTTP Remote Access.
o Missionstats.htm is save in ReconLogFiles\Stats\YY-MM-DD\HH-MM_MAPNAME.htm (if Replay Archiving is enabled)
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