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LW15.499 Assault Rifle
Forfatter thales100
Beskrivelse LW15.499 Assault Rifle

-LW15.499 Mini .50
-LW15.499 SD Mini .50
-HK UMP .45
-HK MP5SD 9mm
-HK MK23 .45
-FN Five SeveN SD 5.7mm



-Play with the Mini-.50 M16 rifle in both original and supressed versions
-You will be able to blast out doors, stop jeeps and trucks, kill enemies behind walls, with the speed of your fingers in a semi auto configuration or switching to the devastating full auto rate of fire
-Real life firing sounds
-Colored kit icons
-Pistols, SMG , grenades , extra ammo and sensors as secondaries



Extract it to your ...\mods folder under Ghost Recon, then start GR,activate the mod at highest priority.This means the lowest item is your options-mods screen. This mod is non-overwriting and should work in SP and MP.



I have tried my hardest to get in contact with the creators of all work featured in this mod.If you find your work in this mod and it's not properly credited below do not hesitate to contact me ( and please accept my appologies.
In this case i will change this readme in a future patch and include the missing credits. I fully respect and thank the authors for their hard work that has made LW15.499 Assault Rifle Mod possible.The credits are very specific so the participation of the work of each modder can be easily understood. Other people may have also contributed to the mods listed below.

-Ingeloop for the LW15.499 and HK MP5SD reticles.

-DVS1 for the HK UMP 45 and FN Five Seven SD reticles.

-Natsanwa for the models and textures of the HK UMP45, HK MK23, HK MP5SD and Five Seven SD.

-WytchDokta for the "desert" and "wood" textures of LW15.499 rifle, from his "WD Camopack".

-Terry Bailey at for textures used in this mod.

-Corpse for the firing sounds.


You may contact me directly to get support (

All rights reserved. You may not modify or alter any of the files contained within this mod, or use its components without authorization from the authors. Please contact me if you are interested in using something from this mod, and ill give you details (emails, etc...) on how to get the proper permission from the respective author, in case its not my own work.


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