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Omaha Beach V1.01
Forfatter The Resistance
Beskrivelse (server-client)
This map is a re-creation of Omaha Beach of WWII. This is an updated version of the first Omaha Beach Map. This version includes several fixes, however this is for multi-player only, no single-player mission is included. Several bugs and suggestions have been fixed and added to this version including, Geometry errors, texture errors, fog removal, and more cover on the beach. Some other things included are frag destructible barbwire, and many more objects. Please keep in mind the first release was supposed to be a beta but got released to the general public. This is the full working final release version. This UPdate Also Includes New Kit Items such as Bangalore and Satchel Charges. Built using the 3D Studio Max Plug-Ins.
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Filstørrelse 2.91 Mb
Dato Tue 01 Apr 2008 - 04:25:46
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