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Raid Mint V3
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Beskrivelse (server-client)
NOTE: This mod contains everything from the Mint map! It even contains the Mint map itself so there is NO need to download the Mint map or Active the Mint map and This mod, in fact DO NOT Activate them both.
SOURCE: Planet Rainbow Six
1.) Made the uniforms for the Tangos.
2.) Made you be able to shoot through bars and things that were intended to be shot through (so please if you downloaded a patch to fix this, it doesn't work well with this, so don't activate both)
3.) Made the Music / Sound FX background.
4.) Made the fountain real.
5.) Added tangos.
6.) Made it a Hostage Rescue mission (To play go there).
7.) Made it a Terrorist Hunt mission (up to 50 tangos).
8.) Tangos don't run at you when they hear a sound
9.) Added to: Lone Wolf, Recon, and Defend
10.) Made fountain running and added Sound FX for it.
11.) Made Hostages Kneel like on the Real Mint
12.) Added NEW Splash images -- Thanks to Endi_Six (http://www.planetrainbowsix.com/endisix/) 13.) Retextured the Mint map a little (please note we do not add Raid Mods logo anywhere on the level)
14.) Erased Big Ben clock tower in the background.
15.) Fixed the .ASS File to eventual sound reducing.

New to this release:

16.) Made the ratio of African ethnics to Caucasians about equal.
17.) Fixed red doors in Amazon and red things in other maps.
18.) Made the intel briefing for the "Free Europe" tangos, the "Euro", the "European Union" etc. in the Intel section.
19.) Created static lines across the briefings provided by Endi_Six.
20.) Fix the loading screen and briefing screen (top right corner), it should say Operation: "Red Wolf", not "06 Red Wolf".
21.) In the Custom Missions menu, it should have been called "Classic 06 Mint" not "Red Wolf" as all the other "classic" levels are called their map names "Amazon, Hacienda" etc. 22.) Fixed Insertions AGAIN, so that in COOP the second player won't start in the snow mound.
23.) Added sky box to all the missions of the Mint (Terrorist Hunt and Lone Wolf)
24.) Adds EXACT Terrorist and hostage skins, and made new CRP files (3D Character files) for some of the Tangos.
25.) Fixed some of the objects that you could not throw grenades through.
26.) Adds new Main menu and training screen.
27.) Makes difficulty settings for all Mint related missions.
28.) Took away Defend and Recon because of technical difficulties and reasoning (you cannot play a Hostage Rescue mission in the real campaign and go and play it in Recon mode).
29.) Left everyone a "version1.zip" file so you can see the progress made and different things that we changed and added (under folder "editing" -- mostly for Raid's beneficial purposes.
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