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Droopy's Realism Mod
Weapons of Assassinry 1.0
Pinky's Perfect Pistols
Date Description File
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02/28-02 Droopy's Realism Mod - It makes the gameplay NEW AND REALISTIC in Rainbow Six Rogue Spear no more 100m head shots from tangos on recruit level now as the range increases the accuracy decreases for tangos and your team. See readme file for full details. - 103 kb Download
12/05-01 Weapons of Assassinry 1.0 by The Titan - It adds 6 Primary weapons and 2 Secondary weapons. - 230 kb Download
10/14-01 Pinky's Perfect Pistols by The Pinkster - It changes all default pistol recticules to lazer recticules as well as giving each pistol 200 bullets. This is Server Side Only. Clients do not need this mod to join a game. If a player has it installed and the host does not, the player will only see his new recticules. This mod also gives all the pistols two levels of zoom. - 271 kb Download
07/25-01 SaDiSTiC's MoD by SaDiSTiC - This mod envolves high intensity. With 2 new secondary and 2 new primary weapons. These weapons are made for Single Player only. And i garentee that with this pack, your single player missions will have 10x the intensity. New models,sounds,weapons... what more can you ask for? - 540 kb Download
04/28-01 Psycho Paintball v2 (RS) by SMTmods - Psycho Paintball V2, for Rogue Spear, is so fresh you can still smell the new car smell :-) . PPBv2 features 27 new uniforms, 3 new characters, 5 new maps, new weapon models 45 primary + 5 secondary from real life weapon makers, 17 new bound key sounds (that will crack ya up), a new interface and more. - 12.3 mb n/a
04/27-01 WW2 Mod v0.33 (RS) by NoLife Mercenaries - This version inculdes new uniforms, new WW2 weapons, and more. Look here for more info and to download. - 8.6 mb n/a
04/07-01 CCS Seek and Destroy Super Pack by CCS SnakeEyes - (server-client) Every gun is modded, but the highlights are: PDW, M14, Skorpion, and Desert Eagle 50 cal. You will not be dissapointed with this mod. You can also choose ANY ammo, with ANY gun!! Example: use a Walther WA 2000, and choose to use 12 gauge slugs. Read the readme files included. - 16 kb Download
03/21-01 TotA Total Apocalypse Ammo Mod by Zero - (server-side) All guns have... 200 bullets per clip, 100 clips, perfect aim and shotguns reload like normal guns. 100 of every kit item. - 13 kb Download
02/24-01 DOC Freelance w/t mod - Modifies ammo, reticules, and special items also mods terrorists, and comes with restore prog if u dont like it. - 69 kb Download
02/24-01 Terrorist Weapon Mod - No info. NOTE: It overwrites some original RS files. - 46 kb Download
02/24-01 Accuracy Mod - No info. NOTE: It overwrites some original RS files. - 147 kb Download
01/28-01 Drenek's French Weapons for RS by drenek! - It adds to your arsenal the most famous french weapons begining with the World War I Lebel rifle and ending with the FAMAS. It adds 12 complete weapons (10 primary and 2 secondary). - 2.03 mb n/a
01/22-01 Fire Power by Narf - This modification contains all weapons dealing with explosives. It has lots of rocket launchers, grenade launchers, explosives, grenades, ect... Each weapon has it's own model and ammo type. Look here for some screen shots. This mod will only work in single player. - 1.83 mb Download
11/22-00 IJFT_Cinder's Weapon Mod V1.0 - Read the readme file. - 23 kb Download
08/18-00 Star Wars Jedi Mod by Shadow1
This is Shadow1's Jedi Mod for UO converted to RS. This mod has over 20 weps,new wep models,light sabers,anti-gravity mines,thermal detonators,and all new sounds. - 2.58 mb
08/17-00 CQC Weapon Mod For RS - This mod has 50 weapons,proximity mines,double C4's for single and multiplayer,new sounds, new reticules,explosive rounds for 2 sniper rifles,and a working grenade launcher. All must have for everyone to play. - 7.73 mb n/a
08/08-00 -=G=- Weapons V2.0 by Gunblade0 - In this pack, all guns have a 100rnd clip, all pistols have zoom, 30 frags and all grenade types, breaching charges also have 30 ammo. - 15 kb Download
08/08-00 -=G=- Weapons V1.0 by Gunblade0 - In this pack all guns have 100 ammo and some pistols have zoom. Read the Readme file. - 12 kb Download
08/07-00 Necessary Strength by Nick's Mods
Go read about it and download here. - 2.6 mb
06/10-00 NMM Weapon Pack V5.0 RS Edition by Nishi - Go here to read and download Download
06/07-00 Sputnik Satellite's Weapon Mod V6.2 (RS only) - This mod includes alot of new weapons, all of which are new, and excellent, 3D models and skins. This mod DOES NOT overwrite your existing Rogue Spear files. Go here to read about it and download. - 6.18 mb Download
06/07-00 XCE MOD by Xalted 7 and Commando Elite - Read about it here. - 1.95 mb n/a
06/06-00 Med v3.0 by D.M.P Corp - 16 weapons. All weapons have their own model. All errors found in v2.0 are fixed in this version - 2.16 mb Download
05/31-00 OmniPotent Infantry Weapons Mod V2.8 release 2
40 weapons. Go here to download and read about it. - 3.2 mb
05/27-00 HighNoon mod - (Single Player Mod) This mod limits all tango weapons to pistols only, and reduces their accuracy. That way you can practice pistol only matches against computer-controlled terrorists. Read the Readme File. - 28 kb Download
05/12-00 BLADEZERO MOD V1.5b - This mod adds 25 weapons, modifies 8 and adds teflon coated bullets for all 9mm weapons. It also allows the Tango weapons to be used in single player as well as C4 and smoke grenades. Its also easy to install and uninstall and also uses a seperate directory in the mod folder so that you can use other mods as well and avoid multi-player conflicts. - 918 kb Download
05/09-00 2MAD weapons mod V1.7 for Rogue Spear AND Urban Operations Adds new weapons and ammo. Go here and read about it. - 6.57 mb Download
05/05-00 NATO V3.0 for Rogue Spear by ARMM - Go read about it here. - 3.64 mb NATO V3.0
05/05-00 Swift Armament Mod v3.0 for Rogue Spear by Swift Armament - 11 primary weapons and 4 secondary weapons. - 1.55 mb Download
04/27-00 NMM RS POWER UP KIT v2.0 by Nishi - This mod remodels some of the weapons used in rogue spear with better shape and texture. - 2.57 mb Download
04/12-00 Darkness V1.1 - This mod is the winner of the most original mod in the Madspin's Mod Contest. This mod takes you back to the middle ages where warriors used two hand swords, bows and arrows, spears, and where magicians have their magic staffs and other special treats. This mod uses the modfolder and installs beautifully. It reminds you of the nihon mod. - 1.35 mb Download
03/31-00 AP Mod Final V1.1 - Read the Readme file. - 934 kb Download
03/27-00 Lloyd's Weapon Mod 5.0 by Lloyd*Update 1 and 2 included*
New primary and secondary weapons, as well as new ammo, sounds, textures, and an easy installation program. Go here to read about it. - 7.4 mb
File 1
File 2
03/18-00 Light Snipers mod by Dain Brammage - No info. - 90 kb Download
03/07-00 M-14 Wood Stock v1.1 by The Rooster - This simple Mod will change the stock of the M-14 to a more common wood texture, instead of the standard white. This only affects players with this Mod loaded. - 14 kb Download
03/05-00 ISF_SnIpEr_MaN's_Mod - This mod gives you 999 bullets per clip in all assault rifles except the Steyr AUG, and it gives you 99 bullets in all the sniper rifles except the Barrett and the pistols all have 99 bullets. This is a server side mod. Just unzip to /RogueSpear/Data/Kit. - 9 kb Download
03/04-00 RW Server-Side Weapon Mod - MP5s now have better ZOOMS, Sniper Rifles will now have 20 rounds, Machine Guns will now have 50 rounds, Shotguns will now have 20 rounds, Pistols will now have 20 rounds, All guns now have extra clips also, All Machine Guns now have a 3 shot option, Special Items will now have a quantity of 10. - 28 kb Download
02/14-00 RealCops Complete by SpyHawk *updated version* - This mod includes a lot of new weapons and much more. Read the readme file. - 3.8 mb Download
02/12-00 Winchester Model 70 Rifle Mod V3.1 - Updated mod which now features a new 3D model by Nishi. Other additions include a Winchester M70 "Classic Super Grade"/SD, Winchester M70 "Stealth"/SD, MP5K, Claymore Mine, and a Apple Powerbook G3 (Heartbeat Sensor). - 506 kb Download
02/12-00 STARCRAFT Marine "IMPALER" Gauss Rifle - Step-by-step installation instructions in the zip file. - 128 kb Download
02/07-00 NATO*SPO v3.0 - This mod adds nothing new, but it has an easy to use installer/uninstaller. To correctly install NATO*SPO 3 you will need to uninstall Rogue Spear. Then delete the Rogue Spear Folder then reinstall Rogue spear, run 2.05 patch then install NATO*SPO 3.0 as listed. - 5.77 mb Download
02/05-00 Very Happy Ammo Added BS Gun Mod by GravediGGa - This gun mod is Server Side Only. This mod replaces the gun pics in the game and adds 100rds to all primaries and 30rds to all secondaries, in addition to 20 frags. This is nothing serious at all, and is intended ONLY for people who just want to have some fun. - 263 kb Download
02/05-00 LX209 Nuke - This mod will allow you to use the LX209 in single player, but also has in-depth instructions on how to make it work for multiplayer. This mod will also give you extra mags, frags, flashbangs, etc. - 27 kb Download
02/03-00 Enhanced SBS Weapons Mod v2.0 by The Rooster - This is an add-on for the SBS Weapons Mod. It fixes several errors, adds new weapons, and balances out some of the "Uber" weapons. All players must have version 2.0. You must have the SBS Weapons Mod installed before you can use these enhancements. - 572 kb Download
02/01-00 Frisk's Mod V3.0 - Adds 1 submachine gun, 12 assualt rifles, 7 sniper rifles, 7 light machine guns, 9 pistols + more. - 3.07 mb Download
01/26-00 Rogue Spear: Combat Phase 1 - This mod contains 16 new primary weapons, and 12 new secondary weapons, a Grenade Launcher, new ammo, new sounds, new graphics, new arm patches and more. - 1.9 mb Download
01/22-00 Afrogunz Pack - Read the readme file before installing. - 88 kb Download
01/22-00 RX-7's Rouge Spear MOD V1.07 - Read readme file. - 1.2 mb Download
01/19-00 Sub Urban Killer - Modified HK MP5K. 1 type of ammo load: .50, and is supressed. - 12 kb Download
01/16-00 M-62 v3 - The M-62 is an extremely powerful weapon capable of killing an enemy with 1 shot almost anywhere on the body using its .50cal ammo. With a 7x zoom scope the M-62 can be used as a sniper rifle as well as a punch packing assult machinegun. - 216 kb Download
01/16-00 M-16B2 - Modified M-16 with 3 types of ammo: .50, 10mm, 9mm. Deadly accuracy and strength. - 59 kb Download
01/16-00 Blood God's Mod v2.10 - 2.9 mb
Got a Email from Blood God, here's what he wrote:
Hey, I go by the game name of Blood God. I've got a mod you might like. It's got some "unrealistic" but fun weapons, but it's also got a lot of realistic weapons complete with sound files and images. Some new ammo for some of them. My favorite is the M41A Pulse Rifle from the Alien movies. I've also upped the AI to make it more challenging and made it slightly more gorey. I have a lot of fun with it and I think you may too. It comes complete with an uninstaller. Let me know what you think of it.
Thanks Blood God (Dave)
Included is a patch.
01/14-00 Dawg Pound Weapon Mod v2.1 - New mod which includes 36 weapons, an uninstaller, new in-game weapon texures, new bullet-hole textures, 3 new ammo types, richer sounds and weapon pics, more frags, flashbangs and more, and some bug fixes from the previous version.
Read the Readme file. - 3.06 mb
01/13-00 WolfPack Weapon Mod V2.0 by The WolfPack Mod Sqaud
Read the Readme file - 4.19 mb
Update for WolfPack Weapon Mod V2.0 - 122 kb

01/11-00 PSG X3 - The PSG X3 is one of the hotest new guns around for sniping. The blend of Walther "quickness," and PSG zoom makes this a great gun for any sniper. The Silenced version of the PSG X3 will be hitting your gun shop around the 25th of Jan. 2000. (Download it at when it comes out.) - 85 kb Download
01/11-00 Digital Acccessories by RG_DIGITAL_187 - No info. - 99 kb Download
12/25-99 Demon Mod v2.0 - No information at this time. - 7.5 mb n/a
12/25-99 Battle Droid Blaster Mod V2.0
This Mod should add:
1) A Battle Droid Blaster from "Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace"
2) A new ammo type (Laser)
3) A fabulous Battle Droid armpatch.
- 76 kb
12/19-99 TAOW: Nihon Expansion pack - The expansion pack of the Japanese ninja mod, Nihon.
A fix for multiplayer problems is included. - 2.96 mb
12/17-99 Digital Mod v3.5 by RG_DIGITAL_187 - This mod gets the total of Primary Weapons up to 65, the Secondary Weapons up to 28 and has 10 New Ammo's.
Included is a patch that fixes the problems with weapons not killing tangos and multiplayer issues. It also adds a new Main Menu Screen.
12/16-99 Japan Self-Defense Force Mod (JSDF) - Includes three primary weapons (Type64 assault rifle, Type89 assault rifle, Type89 assault rifle folding stock), two secondary weapons (M1911A1, SIG220), two ranger uniforms and "HINOMARU" armpatch. - 999 kb Download
12/11-99 Morgana's Miscellania by Morgana *updated* - Includes 20 new primary weapons, 15 new secondary weapons, 17 new ammo types, huge c4, concussion grenades and extra zoom for the first five SMG's in the normal list. Read the Readme file.- 317 kb Download
12/08-99 SBS Weapon Mod - Huge weapon mod, which features 80 primary weapons and 15 secondary weapons. The mod also includes 7 server-side maps and a new blood texture. Check out the Clan SBS website for more information, including a list of all the weapons in the mod. - 3 mb Download
12/08-99 TAOW: Nihon by Mother.May.i *Updated Version with new installer* - Go here and read all about it. - 3 mb Download
11/29-99 PSG-2S Stealth Sniper Rifle - Read the readme file. - 51 kb Download
11/27-99 Rosco Mod v1.3 - This mod adds new weapons, new skins, new menus, new ammo and more. This mod uses the mods folder, therefore it won't overwrite anything. - 1.07 mb Download
11/24-99 Sniper Rifles 1.2 - Adds 57 new weapons. Read the readme file. - 1.2 mb Download
11/19-99 USIC_Leesops Ammo Mod by USIC_Leesops - This is an ammo mod that changes the accuracy of the weapons and gives you more ammo types. Can be restored. - 346 kb Download
11/18-99 Single Player Kit - Gives you the multiplayer weapons in single player, but this time with images for the weapons. - 3 kb Download
11/16-99 Neo's Weapon mod - Go here to read and download. - 10 mb n/a
11/14-99 Ranx Mini Gun Mod - This is a mod for everone who misses the minigun from Nato2, this MOD will add the General Electric Minigun, and HK69A2 automatic grenade launcher. - 83 kb Download
11/03-99 Shotgun Mod by Sam Lewallen - This mod adds 6 new short barreled Scatterguns. This mod uses the MODS folder. - 82 kb Download
11/01-99 QAR Weapons Mod by Nathan Weber - This is a great mod, it adds several weapons from Rainbow Six and also is easy to instal then uninstall when needed. - 447 kb Download
10/31-99 Vegas Gun Mod 2.0 by VegasButch. - Adds 4 new guns and edits of the originals. BE SURE to have kitrestrictions.txt file the Rogue Spear directory before installing. - 167 kb Download
10/26-99 Knight's SR-25 Series v2.2 by Scott Janson *updated* - This mod should now work with multiplayer games, but it is not tested it in the zone or mplayer. Also when installing this mod, make sure and run the SR25_soundvol.bat file.
This file will backup the soundvol.txt and load the modified version needed to make the weapons act properly in the game. - 197 kb
10/25-99 Sneaky Dudes RS Mod by Sneaky Dudes. Adds Deadeyes Acid uniforms and SD logo arctic uniform. Also adds some new primary and secondary weapons, including a Sawed-off Shot gun. - 8 mb Download
10/18-99 Master Key Mod by Trigger Happy - This mod adds a 12 gauge weapon to your primary and it acts as your secondary weapon. - 107 kb
10/11-99 AF RS Mod 1.2 by AF Merlin Cpt - This mod includes one map mod which is a modified Sargasso Fade. It allows the tower to be a starting point in multiplayer. The mod also includes 30 new weapons - ranging from the silenced Barett to the M203 grenade launcher. - 1.33 mb Download
10/08-99 Rocket and Grenade launcher addon by TPS_SNAKE_LT - A variation of the Rocket and Gren. Launchers. - 283 kb Download
10/05-99 Rocket Launcher by Sniper Bob - 46 kb Download
10/04-99 M203 Grenade Launcher by R6 Trigger Happy - This installs a M203 Grenade Launcher for you to use. - 89 kb Download
10/04-99 Sig P226 by Rosco - This mod installs a new weapon, the Sig P226. Includes new skin, new textures, new weapon table, and new planning and action bitmaps. Read the instructions txt. - 52 kb Download
10/03-99 Claymore - Add Claymore Mines to Single and Multiplayer. - 17 kb Download

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