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US Operations v1.0
Patch 2.5 for Eric Mod v2
Patch 1.5 for Expert Terrorist Mod v1

Renegade Legion Weapons Mod v1.0
Tour of Duty Weapons v1.01
TLD Handgun Mod v1.5
Eric Mod v2
Expert Terrorist Mod v1
Date Description File
Having trouble with the download? Then try @war
08/16-02 US Operations v1.0 by @war and cocobolo ops - (server-client) A Skins and Weapons Mod. All the weapons and skins from the Operation Anaconda mod plus 2 more Ranger skins. Also allows you to play the terrorist skins SP and MP. Please read the READ ME file for important notes on using this mod.. - 10.5 mb Download
02/23-02 Renegade Legion Weapons Mod v1.0 (RLWM) by Gravedigga - (server-client) After giving it some thought, Gravedigga went and took out everything but the weapons and the interface and made a smaller version of the mod for you online peeps. This mod includes all the weapons and interface from RLTC, so dont expect the maps, skins, and missions in this download. All that said, it amounts to a 12MB download, quite shy of the 49MB of it's bigger brother. - 11.9 mb Download
18/02-02 Tour of Duty Weapons v1.01 by @war and AUM - 22 primaries and 6 secondaries - all of the Vietnam vintage. - 4.34 mb
v1.01 fixes the grenade bug, if you got v1.0 you only need the patch
02/11-02 TLD Handgun Mod v1.5 by The Last Dons - 24 new handguns, new skins, custom go codes, etc. - 9.78 mb Download
02/11-02 Eric Mod v2 by Eric Wyvern - 30 primary weapons, 24 seconary weapons and two new uniforms. The weapons includes Rocket Launchers, crossbow, flame thrower, two chainsaw, laser rifle. All have good models and textures. - 6.29 mb
03/03-02:Eric Mod V2 to V2.5 patch. This patch fixes some problems in ERIC MOD V2. It improves the camo of two super uniforms. And it adds 4 OPERATOR from Hong Kong SAR. - 437 kb

Patch v2.5
02/11-02 Expert Terrorist Mod v1 by Eric Wyvern - Improving The Terrorist A.I. The terrorist is more clever than before. Add 2 New Weapons: Predator Gatling Gun and Electrical Chain Saw. All the terroists in the game will carry Predator Gatling Gun. - 2.55 mb
03/03-02:Expert Terrorist Mod V1 to V1.5 Patch. This patch fixes a lot of problems in Expert Terrorist mod V1. It improves the model of PREDATOR GATLING GUN. And add 2 Super uniform and 4 OPERATORS. - 2.44 mb

Patch v1.5
12/12-01 Foad Weapons Mod by Foad Clan - 5 weapons with working lights, got to see to believe. - 4.7 mb Download
12/05-01 Oddities: Weapons With Lights by Pain @WAR - 5 weapons with working lights, got to see to believe. - 960 kb Download
12/01-01 DTD Expert Handgun Mod by DTD Pro Mod Team - Read about it here, It is identical to the TRD PISTOL COMBAT mod, except for the splash screens. - 9 mb Download
11/30-01 TRD PISTOL COMBAT by TRD - This mod is designed for close quarters handgun matches and tournaments, and for those hardcore RS killers that only need a pistol to clear out a map. It's just as fun in single and multiplayer. It is identical to the DTD Expert Handgun mod in every way and is fully compatible.
It will add: 56 new secondary weapons - all nicely detailed models, 2 new player uniforms, 2 new tango's and 4 new tango kits, all handguns, fully modded game text, new splash screens and much more. For support, visit the Cocobolo Ops Forums at: - 8.8 mb
11/24-01 Tex SpecOps Arsenal (UO) by Maddog - This is a small mod with completely new models for weapons and bulletproof objects. All models are made by us using 3dsmax, there are 3 weapons with laser beams, however only your teamates and opponents can view the beams. This weapons with lasers are extremely accurate however your position might be given away due to the beam. Included in this mod are some adv and 5 coop missions and mappacks will follow to support this mod, all objects for modding are bulletproof and completely new. It's a client-server mod, so everybody needs it in order to play. - 5.67 mb
Also download the Tex mod map pack, the mappack will add a couple of adv and coop missions to your Tex SpecOps Arsenal mods folder and will also rectify some missions which were buggy in the original mod.
11/16-01 NMM Weapon Pack V8.0 by Nishi - This Mod is Urban Operations exclusive use Mod. It doesn't work with Rogue Spear. Covert Operations will work well along with it, if the Mod system of UO isused in. Read about it and download here. - 34.4 mb Download
10/18-01 Lloyds Weapons Mod 7.05 by Lloyd - The most comprehensive weapons mod ever produced. Hundreds of weapons from around the world. Expands the selection presented in LWM6, returns to the high-res kit pics you all have asked for, and includes a focused list of MP weapons chosen by you, the fans.
220 ammo types, 441 custom models, 261 textures, re-designed color scheme and front end, 1977 hi-res bitmaps, 246 sounds, 340 primary weapons, 71 secondary weapons, 203 realistically armed tangos, 51 tango weapons and online users manual. - 9.33 mb
14/01-02: Patch 7.09 for LWM7 - 3.81 mb

10/18-01 US Tac Mod by Cocobolo Ops - Go here to download and read about it. - 26 mb Download
10/05-01 Fins Up Weapons by Parrothead - Includes: 17 new primary weapons (redesigned UMP45's w/ laser sighting), FNP90, 2 Mossberg shotguns, new Sniper Rifles, Gattling Gun, numerous H&K Assault Weapons, .50 Cal. "Parrothead Special". 10 new secondary pistols, including: Colt 1911 w/ laser sighting, Glock 17, Glock 21, Double Barrel sawed off shotgun, Grenade Launcher, .357 and .44 revolvers, Scoped Lone Eagle pistol, "The Keet". - 4.46 mb Download
09/21-01 Spetsnaz Weapons by Earl Laamanen / Andrew Mack - It's a collection of weapons used by Russian special-forces (spetsnaz). It's very carefully made, from research, to models, to in-game performance. - 1.97 mb Download
09/19-01 Agent's Weapons V5 by Agent 006.9 - This mod includes many high quality weapons, special items, camo and objects. Many great primaries and secondaries, including HKG11, HK PDW, P90, IMI Tavor and others too numerous to mention (approx 65 new weapons in all). Featuring new reticules, 3d models, and realistic weapon handling. It also contains many new special items, new camo, and tango skins. It *also* contains many new bulletproof objects, with some included multiplayer missions that use them. Map makers can make their own maps using these new items and share them with other Agent Mod users. Probably one of the most complete and all encompassaing mods for UO. - 12.4 mb Download
09/02-01 True Close Combat Guns by Derkenblosh - This mod lowers the Zoom on all the automatic guns that had HUGE zooms (AK's, Steyr, etc.) To promote Rushing and close quarter combat. Also made the guns reload faster, including the shotguns that now reload in a single click, it also lowers the weight of all the guns and armor by 25% (still have the same protection). You can also run faster now, and are less likely to get hurt jumping off buildings. - 778 kb Download
08/29-01 JSJ Protocol v1.0 by The Last Marauder - JSJ Protocol v.1.0 is a new, exciting mod that adds more than 50 new real-life weapons to the game. In addition, it gives you the option of playing as any of JSJ's Generals in Rogue Spear, or Cooperative Multiplayer! A must-have for Urban Ops players. - 3.83 mb Download
08/11-01 Fire Power II by Narf - This modification contains many rocket launchers, grenade launchers and other things that go boom. Each weapon in this mod is based off of the real weapon. There is a separate explosion class and range for each weapon. These rocket and grenade launchers all have different ammo. There are a lot more of a choice than the first firepower. Also the models have been made in 3d studio max this time so they are more detailed. Each weapon has it’s own model. There are also many new types of grenades, breaching charges and explosives. All weapons have excellent quality photos. This is a great mod and you won’t be disappointed when you download it. The only draw back is that it will not work in multiplayer. If you like explosives then this is the mod for you. - 2.69 mb Download
08/09-01 Liquid Mod three[point]zero Final Version by Liquid Mods - Look here for more info. - 38 mb Download
07/10-01 Starship Troopers Weapon Mod by X-COM - This is the Starship Troopers Weapon Modification. This mod comes with 3 weapons from the movie: the Morita Rifle, The Morita Carbine Rifle, And the Morita Lower shotgun. This mod is fun to play with in single player and fun to play in multi-player also. so dont be wrong saying this mod sucks because it does not so download this and have fun with your self and other people and friends too. warning. do not edit the weapons for they may corupt the entire mod. - 743 kb Download
07/01-01 Extreme prejudice by Kensei - This is the final re-write of the Force of Honor Series and is called Extreme prejudice, the mod includes 77 primaries, 36 secondaries, 8 uniforms and includes some weapons unique to this mod and of course the weapons that were unique to the FOH series. Updates are plannedbut they will consistemainly of uniform patches and maybe one or two new weapons, there are lots of custom reticules and new sounds here. - 11.1 mb Download
06/14-01 NL KMARNS v1.1 by W.M. Crielaard - NL KMARNS mod (KMARNS: Korps Mariniers). This mod contains all the Diemaco models and KMARNS skins released earlier. Weapon skins have been darkened a bit, the Diemaco C8SFW with M203 grenade launcher, Glock17 and Glock17SD have been added and all weapons have been changed to be compliant with the NATO 3.5 mod statistics. Version 1.1 has improved sights and fixed an installation-bug.. - 2.33 mb Download
06/13-01 Tools Of The Trade V2-101 by CK and Piccolo - 75 primary weapons, 39 Secondary weapons. Some new and unique models built by Ck and Piccolo. Also new sounds, and new reticules unique to the different weapons. For more detailed information, look here. - 10.1 mb Download
06/13-01 RCP Mod by Vincent Bindschaedler - RCP mod v1.0 is a weapon and uniform mod. It includes 10 primary weapons and 4 secondary weapons. It also includes six different uniforms that match the various maps. - 4.32 mb Download
06/11-01 HK-Mod by DarkstaR - The HK-Mod has all new gun Sounds, Pictures, Reticules, and 3D Models. Guns on this mod are NOT copied, everything is ORIGINAL. - 5.8 mb Download
05/31-01 Negative Realism by SMS DeathBlaDe and JointMaN - This mod contains 21 wacky primary and 2 secondary weapons. It also comes with 4 new skins and 6 new funny mp messages. This mod comes with 4 sub-mods. {NR} Yellow Paintballs, {NR} Blue Paintballs, {NR} Green Paintballs, and {NR} Pink Paintballs. You must only activate one of the sub-mods for Negative Realism to work properly. This mod does not overwrite any of your files in the RogueSpear directory. - 3.37 mb Download
05/19-01 HK ITD v2.1 by Cocobolo Ops - This mod includes 96 new weapons with all new sounds, and reticules. Six Operatives, a new modded interface, and new uniforms. - 19.4 mb Download
05/07-01 AUM Weapon Mod by Peybak - This mod includes 38 primaries and 18 secondaries. They include suggestions by people and my own intuition and what I wanted to be done right. The original list of weapons had 150! It was cut down to the current list. Each gun has its own properties as you will see. Brand new reticules (some multicolored), brand new sounds and models should make this mod one of the best out to this date. You will see the rangefinder for the first time!. - 3.28 mb Download
04/28-01 Psycho Paintball v2 (UO) by SMTmods - Psycho Paintball V2, for Urban Operations, is so hot you can hear it sizzling :-) . PPBv2 features 27 new uniforms, 3 new characters, 5 new maps, new weapon models 45 primary + 5 secondary from real life weapon makers, 17 new bound key sounds (that will crack ya up), 5 different paintball colors, a new interface and more. - 15.13 mb Download
04/27-01 SMS GodMode by SMS DeathBlaDe and JointMaN - This mod allows you two have 200 rounds per gun and a rate of 2000. Also allows you to have almost any item with a quantity of 200! This mod doesnt overwrite anything in your Rogue Spear directory. - 557 kb Download
04/27-01 WW2 Mod v0.34 (UO) by NoLife Mercenaries - This version inculdes new uniforms, new WW2 weapons, and more. Look here for more info. - 8.9 mb Download
04/18-01 Devil Dog Mods Mini-Mod by DevilDog_Marine - (server-client) This Mini-Mod is just a small download that contains weapons. Its for people that dont want to download 10 MB. - 1.30 mb Download
04/13-01 Guns 4 Fun mod by GravediGGa - (Server Side) Adds 100 rounds to all primary weapons, 50 rounds to all secondaries, 20 frags, and makes you run MUCH faster. Overwrites original files. - 780 kb
Also download this uninstaller for this mod and for the Image Replacement Mod. - 576 kb
04/13-01 Image Replacement Mod by GravediGGa - Same images as the Guns 4 Fun mod, no ammo or speed. Images ONLY!. - 745 kb
Also download this uninstaller for this mod and for the Guns 4 fun Mod. - 576 kb
04/13-01 Diemaco Weapons mini-mod by BBE - This mod only contains 2 new weapons: Diemaco C7A1 and the Diemaco C8FT. These weapons are the mainstay of the Dutch military. - 432 kb Download
04/12-01 Weapons Detail by Quickknight - Add's 5 primarys, 5 secondarys, and 2 items. All have there own NEW MODELS. There are real guns, play guns, and guns from some movies. This is a simple but fun mod. - 1.36 mb
05/07-01:Also download the patch, it will update "Weapons_Detail" to version 1.5, adding new weapons, items, and fixing a few bugs. - 994 kb

Patch 1.5
04/04-01 Heavy Fire by Narf - This mod contains 186 primaries, 89 secondaries and 28 special items. For more info go here. - 14.4 mb
06/04-01: Patch released. This patch fix the problem of not being able to join MP games. - 47 kb --Patch included in file--
04/02-01 Heavy Defense by SMS DeathBlaDe and JointMaN - This mod contains 16 heavy primaries and 2 secondaries including the M61A1 Vulcan, BAR, AK's and much more. Bonus Ammo, Textures, and Sounds. No files will be overwritten in your RogueSpear Directory. - 3.94 mb Download
03/21-01 Ding's WW2 Tango Weapons by Ding Chavez BHZ - This mod makes the Terrorists carry WW2 weapons. It will only work if you have WW2 Weapons installed and activated. - 105 kb Download
03/21-01 Ding's Art of War by Ding Chavez BHZ - This mod only lets the player use beretta sd, hk. 40 sd and hk. 45 sd. and you can only use light-uniforms. This mod is for multiplayer and all need it to play. - 90 kb Download
03/21-01 Ding's .50 Mod by Ding Chavez BHZ - This mod makes all your weapons into .50. - 76 kb Download
03/21-01 Ding's 9mm Mod by Ding Chavez BHZ - This mod makes all your weapons into 9mm. - 89 kb Download
03/16-01 NATO V3.5 for Urban Operations by ARMM -
This MOD adds 17 primary weapons, 7 secondary weapons, and 6 special items to NATO 3 (or an additional 61 primary, 24 secondary, and 6 special weapons if you are starting with UO).
Sounds, Bitmaps, Textures, and 3D Models have been improved.
NATO 3.5 is stand alone, and does not require the installation of NATO 3.0. If you already have NATO 3.0 installed, NATO 3.5 will overwrite it.
The installer will automatically detect where RS/UO is installed without your intervention. Thus, there should be no problems if your game is not installed in the default directory.
Go read more about it here. - 7.8 mb
02/24-01 M*A*H Weapons Mod V1.0 by Rocku - This mod includes 36 additional primaries and 17 incredible secondary weapons. Go here for more info. - 10.2 mb Download
02/24-01 UFSMv2 by 007killer (UFS) **SFC** - This mod consist of 39 primaries, 20 secondaries, 1 grenade launcher (40mm), new in game 3D models, upgraded weapon sounds. - 6.03 mb Download
02/24-01 MaDMaN'z MoD PacK 1.1 by Whiplash - Go here for more info. - 1.7 mb Download
02/12-01 HK Weapons Mod by SAF-Cobra6 - The HK Weapons MOD includes 39 "primary" weapons and 12 "secondary" weapons. - 2.77 mb Download
02/02-01 AUM Prim<>Sec by Flatliner - This MOD is for single player only (lone wolf, terrorist hunt, and hostage rescue.) This mod will add your secondary weapon inventory to your primary and vice versa, brand new reticules, it allows you to use C4, Uzi, Scorpion, AK47 / 74, and RPD in single player mode, it will add more clips to your Uzi and Scorpion and the number of frags will be 6, it will also add some visual enhancements. Install the MOD into your mods directory and enable it through options, making sure you disable all default primary, secondary, and special items. (DO NOT run this mod with other weapon mods enabled) - 809 kb Download
01/29-01 Xplosive Defense by SMS DeathBlaDe and JointMaN - This mod contains 6 all new weapons! Weapons names are (DeathQueen,Urban Sniper,M16/Grenade,Flame Thrower,Iron Hunter, and the JointMan *special*) All new sounds, models, texts, NEW CREDITS, and more! No files will be overwritten in the RogueSpear folder. - 1.87 mb Download
01/29-01 Heckler and Koch mod by SMS DeathBlaDe and JointMaN - This mod contains some Heckler and Koch weapons. All new sounds, models,texts for weapons, textures and more! No files will be overwriten!. - 2.55 mb Download
01/28-01 Drenek's French Weapons V2.6 for UO by drenek! - It adds to your arsenal the most famous french weapons begining with the World War I Lebel rifle and ending with the FAMAS. It now adds 22 complete weapons (17 primary and 5 secondary). - 3.87 mb Download
01/27-01 Team HAK: Essentials GOLD v3.0 by Team Hak - Read about it here. - 12 mb Download

Patch 3.1
01/27-01 Team HAK: Deep Pockets v1.1 by Team Hak - This mod will add your secondary weapon inventory to your primary and vice versa. Read about it here. - 243 kb Download
01/21-01 -(TiS)- Mod - This mod contains 77 primary weapons and 32 secondary. Each gun is good in its own way for certian styles of combat. There are 37 new 3d models, 27 new uniforms and 6 new kit items. The mod also contains weapons from the movie men in black (such as the Noisy Cricket). Look here for more info and download. - 8.11 mb Download
01/16-01 MTS Gold Version: Elite Gold (1.7) by [MTS] DeathBane - This mod can be played in single and multiplayer, Custom Missions and all Options
Also you do not have to turn off primarys or secondary weapons
Also the credits are new now also (u will see the option on the main menu)
All guns have Taunt reload wavs( not just some)
Over 70 guns (more of a selection to have fun with)
MTS UNIT arm patch comes in a zip with mod and much more. - 12 mb
01/14-01 Virtual Justice Mod v1.0 - This mod adds 38 Primary guns, 24 secondary guns, 18 new uniforms, and new ammunition types. Included in this mod is 16 custom made maps, new sound fx, backgrounds, 3d models, and a chainsaw for your cutting needs. The download link takes you to Pie Tactics, until I upload it my self. - 12 mb Download
01/05-01 Wam V5 by ES_Knight - This mod is with 33 weapons and C4 and the SA HB sensor in Single Player. Very enjoyable with lots of Steyr and HK weapons that haven't been seen a lot. - 520 kb Download
01/04-01 Total Khaos Mod 4.3 by EsP_187 of EsPionage Klan - (server/client mod) 43 new weapons, 7 new maps, 18 new skins, 74 new go-codes, and 97 new sounds. Look here for more info and to download. - 19 mb Download
01/02-01 Glock weapons mod - Read the readme file. - 1.5 mb Download
12/30-00 Deadlocks Weapon Replacements by Deadlock - Features new models, inventory pics and AlphaEchos sounds for all of the Rogue Spear/Urban Operations standard weapons. - 7.3 mb Download
12/28-00 FA: Black Ops V3 by Brant Hornberger - This is a mod for UO only! This mod is also intended for multiplayer only although you can use these skins in every map including campaign mode. This mod will not overwrite any original files. All models have their own textures. This mod is ment to be 3 mods in on so to speak. Again this mod is intended for multiplayer use. - 7.63 mb Download
12/13-00 Streetfighter Mod by Sapper and Shadow1 - This mod offers weapons that you would use in streetfighting, brass knuckles, Iron pipe, wrench, baseball bat, pipe bombs and more. Mod comes with all new 3D models and sounds. works from the mods folder so no original files are overwriten. Mod is fun as hell in multiplayer. - 1.1 mb Download
11/16-00 SmallArms by ClanLESS-Shadow - This mod contains 2 secondary weapons to expand your play with urban operations. Guns fire yellow paintballs. - 509 kb Download
11/14-00 Canadian Mod v1.5 by SMM/CMM - Go here to download and read about it. - 3.54 mb
12/05: Patch V1.65 - This patch fixes some little bugs in V1.5. - 991 kb

11/06-00 Fire Power by Narf - This modification contains all weapons dealing with explosives. It has lots of rocket launchers, grenade launchers, explosives, grenades, mines, ect... I have done lots of research and have tried to make this mod as real as possible. Each weapon has it's own model and ammo type. - 1.65 mb Download
10/27-00 Lloyd's Weapon Mod 6 by Lloyd
This is a updated full version and includes all patches. This mod includes alot of weapons from around the world (with 3D models), new ammunition types, new sounds and new reticules. It consist of two files, one is 8.9 mb and the other is 3.6 mb. Go here to read about it.
If you downloaded this mod before 10/27 and dont want to again, then download this patch here. - 94 kb
10/26-00 AVAIR's NATO 3 Add-on V1.0 by Avair - This mod adds about 50 new weapons.
NOTE: NATO 3 must be activated in order to use this mod properly. Make sure NATO 3 has the higher priority. - 1.1 mb
10/26-00 AVAIR's NATO 3 Secondaries V1.0 by Avair - This mod adds 11 Para-Ordnance Pistols and a Calico .22 Submachinegun.
NOTE: This mod does not require NATO 3, but it does require Urban Operations. For completely correct operation, NATO 3 is recommended. - 506 kb
10/26-00 AVAIR's AL-391 for NATO 3 by Avair - This mod adds the Beretta AL 391 Urika to NATO 3. - 231 kb Download
10/22-00 Blood God's mod pack V3.0 by Dave - Here's what the author of this mod says: "This is Blood God's Mod v3.0. It's actually a compilation of many of my older mods. I've been modding for years now, ever since R6 first came out, just haven't distributed them before. I hope everyone enjoys this mod. It's a self-extractor, has two parts. Each part is standalone, but they're meant to be activated together. Please let me know of any feedback.
Thanks. Dave, AKA Blood God"
Just unzip to your Rogue Spear folder. - 8.22 mb
10/18-00 Outdoor Sportsman by Narf - This mod gives you hunting equipment such as shotguns, deer rifles, bows, crossbows, bb and pellet guns, revolvers, new ammo types, ect… It contains 14 primary weapons, 11 secondary weapons, and 7 new uniforms (including blaze orange camo). - 3.04 mb Download
10/09-00 Wild Wild West Mod V3.5 - Go here for info. - 5.4 mb Download
10/08-00 Wrath of The Sun Mod v2.0 - 65 new primaries, 28 new Secondary, 35 Kit Items such as a Phone mine, and suit case mines + more. There are also two map packs for this mod, one for those who have RS/UO and one for those who have RS/UO/CO. Read all about the mods here. - 10.84 mb Download
10/01-00 Psyco Paintball V1.5 by Superior Modding Tendencies - The new version offers real models for every gun, the training section turned into paintball training ( tangos wear paintball gear and have paintball guns ), exact real-life rates-of-fire for each gun, no more annoying sniper motions, a new alien uniform, hilarious bound messages, and other menu and texture changes. You need Psyco Paintball V1.0 for this to work. - 1.54 mb Download
09/30-00 Lazer Tag v1.0 by WaLDoxWhO and Sniper_SxW - This is a multiplayer mod that has a laser gun where you play inside of a LASER TAG ARENA. Rules are after a specified time limit, The person with the least hits taken is the winner. - 3.5 mb Download
09/28-00 Liquid Mod v2.1 by Liquid Mods - 70 weapons, 25 skins, New ammunition types, New textures and more. For more info look here. - 19.5 mb Download
09/26-00 RX-7's MOD by RX-7_Racer - This Mod is a server side(Rogue Spear) Mod and server side-client side (Urban Operations) enhancement for single and multiplayer It changes the Pictures to real life photos, changes the Reticules(aimers) to real ones, such as trijicon's and the ACOG Reflex, and changes the sounds to a real life sound or just one that sounds way better, many people say its a great mod. V2.1. Read the readme files. - 1.59 mb Download
09/23-00 Renegade V1.02 by Iron Man - This huge mod add weapons : every guns got its unique reticule, sounds, model & texture, ammos and more. Find more then 35 military skins, new multiplayer maps, more tangos and lotz MORE. - 12.4 mb Download
09/19-00 UMM Counterstrike 2 by United Mod Makers - Adds 76 primary weapons and 25 secondary weapons, new reticules for all weapons and more. For more info look here. - 11.13 mb
01/04-01: Update pack released. It's a big file so, it has been split into 2 parts, Part one contains all of the updated mod files, new sounds, pics, and weapons; Part two contains 26 new uniforms plus modified versions of the default uniforms. - 12.2 and 10.9 mb 01/15-01: Patch for the update pack

Update file 1

Update file 2

Update Patch
09/18-00 The Rooster's Nato3 Guns V2.0 by The Rooster - (Requires NATO3) Adds 47 primary weapons and 19 secondary weapons to NATO3. For more info look here. - 1.3 mb Download
09/18-00 Delta Force Weapon Mod V2 by Narf
This mod contains all the weapons from Delta Force and Delta Force 2. Read the readme file. - 543 kb
09/16-00 Psyco Paintball by Superior Modding Tendencies - Psyco Paintball is brought to you by SMT ( Superior Modding Tendancies ) . This is to simulate paintball onto your PC. The mod contains 21 primaries, 2 secondaries, squad busters, 9 replica uniforms, sounds, textures, main and loading screens. For more info look here. - 3.17 mb Download
09/15-00 Counter-Strike v2.0 by Ding Chavez-C.S - This mod adds 14 primary weapons and 6 secondary weapons. - 1.7 mb
09/08-00 Doe's NMM sound patch - This mod is sound patch for NMM Weapon Pack V5.2, so you will of course need that.
NOTE: It will overwrite files in the NMM Weapon Pack V5.2 mod folder, but not any game files, and you can't uninstall it, you have to reinstall NMM Weapon Pack V5.2 to get the old files back. - 4.85 mb
09/16-00: Download the patch that fixes some issues.

09/05-00 Delta Force Weapon Mod by Narf
This mod was designed for those fans of Delta Force that like the Delta Force weapons but wanted them available in Rogue Spear. This mod contains all the weapons from Delta Force and Delta Force 2 except the under water weapons. Read the readme file. - 323 kb
08/28-00 Commando Mod by Sapper
This mod offers 29 primary, 14 secondary, claymore mines, satchel charges, darker-realistic explosions, and 7 multiplayer maps. This is a server-client mod which means everyone must have it to play it! Works from the mods folder and will not overwrite original game files. - 3.58 mb
08/20-00 TKC weapon mod V1.2 by TKC mod team
63 primary and 22 secondary weapons, new weapon, blood and smoke textures and more. - 4.18 mb
08/18-00 Star Wars Jedi Mod by Shadow1
This mod has over 20 weps,new wep models,light sabers,anti-gravity mines,thermal detonators,and all new sounds. - 1.92 mb
08/18-00 Paintball Wars V1.0 by SAC - Paintball Wars is the best paintball mod around. 8 all new retextured guns with new ammo, sounds, and properties. New equipment items like paint grenades, proxy mines, and remote mines. 2 new skins complete with paintball masks. 2 new paintball course maps. A bunch of retexture bullet hole, wounds, and other images. - 2.54 mb Download
08/05-00 3XL Tactical Mod by [3XL] Stiletto
Go and read about it here. - 1.78 mb
08/04-00 BaD As HeLL Weapons Mod v4.0 by NiNeVoLt
This mod includes alot of new weapons 112 primary weapons & 22 secondary weapons, proximity mines, claymore mines, and excellent 3D models and sounds and alot more.. This mod DOES NOT overwrite Any existing Rogue Spear files or Urban Op's Files and comes with a uninstaller - 7.36 mb
07/30-00 Necessary Strength by Nick's Mods
Go read about it and download here. - 4.6 mb
07/23-00 The Temporary Tango v2.0 Gold Edition by Rodion
Go read about it here. - 15.5 mb
08/06-00: Also download the patch. - 593 kb

07/15-00 Canadian Mod v1.0 by CMM - Go here to read about it. - 2.25 mb Download
07/07-00 JAPAN: Feudal CQB Warfare by Mother.May.I and Team TAOW - A total conversion mod. Go here to download and read about it. - 35.18 mb Download
06/24-00 S|ider's Urban Combat Mod Expansion - 100 new weapons and 25 new ammo types. Go here for more info. - 2.14 mb Download
06/22-00 DIGITAL MOD v4.0 for UO by ŠIGITAL - Go here to download nad read about it. - 4.26 mb
06/23-00 - Patch for DIGITAL MOD v4.0, the patch fixes some bugs. - 127 kb

06/19-00 Stealth Mod by DEATHRIDEtheNailer - There are 6 new primary weapons and one new secondary weapon. The big change is the addition of several new speacial items, like a SAFlash bang, and Holographic devices. These are devices like c4 or SAflash bangs that when planted are Camouflage to look like common items like a barreal or a box. New blood pools and bullet wounds, Darker smoke and modified explosions patterns. Also included are some new multiplayer maps designed just for this mod. Only if you have UO installed. - 758 kb Download
06/18-00 Blood God's mod pack V1.1 patch - This patch updates Blood God's mod pack V1.0 to V1.1. You need Blood God's mod pack V1.0 for this to work. - 991 kb Download
06/17-00 CQC Weapon Mod by Gen. Sapper - The mod offers 50 weapons, explosive rounds on 2 sniper rifles, a working grenade launcher,new sounds, some new reticules,double C4's,proximity mines,new start and mission end screens,and new wound textures.Mod works from the mod folder,so no original game files will be overwritten. - 6.50 mb Download
06/15-00 UMM Counterstrike by UMM - This mod has 34 new primary weapons and 13 new secondary weapons, all with new models and bitmaps, and also has new reticules and excellent new sounds. - 6.2 mb
06/16-00: Also download the patch that fixes an error in the gfcm.txt, typos in several *.amo files, m4a1sopmod now has a reticule, corrected pics for C-7A1 and corrects the missing model for M249 SAW. - 19 kb

06/15-00 SS UO Weapons mod by CaptainHowdy - 130 weapons. For more info look here. - 8.5 mb Download
06/10-00 BSW V3.0 for UO - This Urban Operations mod adds 60 primary guns and 20 secondaries, claymores, new uniforms, 2 grenade launchers(40mm/20mm) etc. - 9.49 mb Download
06/09-00 NMM Weapon Pack V5.0 UO Edition by Nishi - Go here to read and download.
07/19-00 - NMM Weapon Pack V5.2 UO Edition Patch v5.1 incl.

06/07-00 Sputnik Satellite's Weapon Mod V6.2 (UO only) - This mod includes alot of new weapons, all of which are new, and excellent, 3D models and skins. This mod DOES NOT overwrite your existing Rogue Spear files. Go here to read about it and download. - 4.92 mb Download
05/17-00 Frisk's Mod for UO - Adds a lot of new weapons and more. Read the Readme file for more info. - 3.45 mb Download
05/16-00 Rodion's Replacements Mod by Rodion - Improves the in-game models, sounds, and picture for Rogue Spear and Urban Operations weapons. It doesn't add anything, just makes the current ones better. - 1.24 mb Download
05/09-00 2MAD weapons mod V1.7 for Rogue Spear AND Urban Operations Adds new weapons and ammo. Go here and read about it. - 6.57 mb Download
05/05-00 NATO V3.0 for Urban Operations by ARMM - Go read about it here. - 3.76 mb Download
05/05-00 Swift Armament Mod v3.0 for Urban Operations by Swift Armament - 11 primary weapons and 4 secondary weapons. - 1.39 mb Download
04/29-00 The Rooster's Pistols by The Rooster - This Urban Operations mod adds 4 pistols to your secondary list. Included are the Micro-Uzi, a sawed off 12 gauge, a Lone Eagle, and a .50 BMGP. This mod uses UO's mod system and does not overwrite any files. - 126 kb Download
04/25-00 Blood God's mod pack V1.0 by Dave - Read the Readme file. - 8.92 mb Download
04/22-00 MP5K-SD Mod V1.1 by The Rooster - (server/client mod) This small mod will add a silenced version of the MP5K-PDW to your arsenal, using a new model provided by RSE with UO.
NOTE: Requires Urban Operations Mission Pack. - 13 kb
04/16-00 Knight SR-25 Weapon Mod for Urban Operations 1.0 - Adds five weapons in the Knight SR-25K series of guns. Designed for use with the Urban Operations mods folder. Does not overwrite any files. Read the readme file. - 120 kb Download

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